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“Who we are"

I have a team of full time, experienced and successful 7-digit sellers in various Amazon marketplaces. We have battle-proven Amazon systems in place and extensive infrastructure to support it. Getting to page 1 on Amazon is not so hard…. keeping you on page 1 is what requires skill and experience.

Our Services

Account setup

Set up your Amazon account and help with all the red tape.

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New Product Feasibility

Our financial models show EXACTLY how much you will make BEFORE you even launch.Find out more »

Launching and Ranking New Products (or Re-ranking Old Products)

Get your new (or existing) product onto Page 1 and keep it there.Find out more »

Listing Optimization

Convince Amazon you belong on Page 1 and THEN convince your buyer to “Add to Cart”Find out more »

PPC Campaigns and ACOS Targeting

Make every dollar count that you spent on advertising. We find the cheap bids and dump the others.Find out more »

Buyer Messages, Reviews and Feedback

Customers demand attention. We do this 24/7 – 365 days per year. We manage customer feedback and drive positive reviewsFind out more »

Inventory Management Logistics

Never run out of stock again. We advise what to order, when and how much. Plus we do all the Amazon work for you.Find out more »

Amazon Rebates and refunds

You have got money at Amazon waiting for you to collect. We do it all for you.Find out more »

Ask the Boss 24/7

Have direct contact with our president to answer any question – any time.Find out more »

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