Account setup

Set up your Amazon account in any marketplace you wish. Looking to expand? Ask us how. We will help you fulfill all Seller Central requirements such as which documents to provide and in which format. We will create all your product listings and setup any bar codes you require. Is a GS1 barcode really required, or will a UPC barcode suffice? We know the answer. We will also assist with your user permissions – making sure you are protected each step of the way.

New Product Feasibility

Find out how much profit your product will make BEFORE you launch. Factory quotes and shipping quotes are only half the story. We will help with that but we will also provide an all-inclusive marketing budget… How much your launch will cost? How many discounted units you will have to give away? And of course, how much Amazon will charge you with their FBA, referral, storage and other fees. We will produce a financial model showing various scenarios by changing selling price and number of units sold per day.

Launching and Ranking New Products (or Re-ranking Old Products)

We can get you to page 1. Once you are there we can keep you on page 1 (… get it?). How competitive your niche is will determine the type of promotion we will do. But typically, a new promotion comprises 4 key areas:
1. Acquire initial product reviews;
2. Sell products with deeply discounted codes. This builds sales rank and train Amazon’s algorithm for which keywords you wish to rank for;
3. Establish an initial sponsored ad campaign which builds traffic and also teaches us which search terms customers are using;
4. Drop our selling price to build further sales momentum. Once we are selling the required number of units per day organically we increase the selling price progressively day by day.

Listing Optimization

The trick on Amazon is to convince Amazon’s search algorithm to present our product on page 1. Then our product photos and title, bullets, description and product reviews need to convince the buyer who will choose us from similar competing page 1 products. We make use of your own and similar Search Term Reports from Amazon, as well as 3rd party providers such as and

So it’s a bit of… first convince Amazon and then convince the buyer.

You convince Amazon you deserve to be on Page 1 by having relevant keywords in your title, bullets and back-end information. And that previous buyers typing in the same search term also bought your product.

You convince a human customer to choose your product by having great product images and titles and bullets that are compelling and simple to understand. Most importantly, customers will read product reviews as social proof your product answered their buying need.

We are experienced in this, and will optimize all aspects of your listing.

PPC Campaigns and ACOS Targeting

Sponsored Ads are a vital part of the Amazon journey. An inexperienced seller can spend thousands on an ad campaign, and not have any significant results. Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) is widely used on Amazon as a basis of determining how profitable your ad campaign is.

The trick is that ad campaigns are an auction. If you are bidding on the same old search terms as everyone else, then it stands to reason that your Cost Per Click will go up. If you are bidding on an extremely targeted, and long-tail keyword, such as “Diaper Bags for moms that have a toddler and a baby”, then it also stands to reason that the Cost Per Click on that longer search term will be much less.

The skill that we have is to “harvest” or “find” these gold nugget search terms, and spend more budget there. As a result, your Ad Spend goes down, and your sales go up! WIN WIN.

We will manage your entire Sponsored Ad Campaign and work towards an agreed target ACOS. Sound unbelievable? Try us out.

Buyer Messages, Reviews and Feedback

Product reviews are the life-blood of an Amazon product. Positive reviews needs to be shared, and negative reviews need to be dealt with, and possibly overturned.

Managing product reviews requires the following:

1. Multiple, personalized emails need to be sent to the client, requesting if everything is ok with the product, or are there any problems.
2. Customers then voice their concerns via email to the seller, and don’t vent their frustration via a negative review.
3. These emails need to be managed 7 days per week – and action needs to be taken immediately an issue is raised.

We will manage your entire customer review and feedback process. We will attempt to rectify negative product reviews but addressing the buyers timeously and offering refunds, or returns (or both!).

We will also manage your seller feedback, and try convince sellers who leave positive seller feedback to also leave a positive product review.

We have a whole team dedicated to this part of our business, and we are achieving positive reviews for over 5% of all sales, which is significantly higher than the Amazon average of 1.5%.

Inventory Management Logistics

When to re-order from the factory? (that obviously depends on how long it will take for the factory to deliver as well as the sales velocity of the remaining inventory)

How much to order? (that obviously depends on sales velocity and seasonality – which we are experienced in managing.

Then, shipments have to be created in terms of Amazon FBA requirements. Product labels, shipping labels, maximum carton weight and dimensions. No problem for us.

We have a wide network of 3PL warehouses that can prep or store your products outside of Amazon.

What about liquidating stock? We have a specialist Ebay team that will take all returned and damaged goods and liquidate on Ebay.

And remember. Never ever stockout!

Amazon Rebates and refunds

There is an opportunity on Amazon to get re-imbursements. Sometimes, you just got to know how to ask…

FBA Inventory Reimbursements are difficult to find. If you sell on Amazon with FBA, you are owed money for destroyed, lost, and others due to Amazon errors. We can research, track, identify and apply to Amazon for these refunds.

In summary there are 5 pillars to this approach:
1. Goods not fully received by amazon
2. Amazon lost or damaged goods in their warehosue
3. Customer refunded, but customer never returned goods
4. Amazon refunded without receiving the returned item
5. Amazon did not re-imburse our 20% cut of restocking fee, when customer returns product.

Let us do the hard yards, and you will get your money back.

Management Accounts and Reporting

Do you want to feel stupid? Do you like being utterly confused? Then print out the management reports directly from Amazon SellerCentral.

Our president is a CPA, and he is especially good at interpreting the massive amounts of data from Amazon, and presenting them in meaningful and understandable monthly reports.
Actual profit, taking all landed costs into account? No problem.
Setting product budgets and managing actuals compared to budget? Easy.

We will work with you, and understand the Key Performance Indicators that you need. Then we present it.

Ask the Boss 24/7

Sometimes, you just want to ask someone a quick question… And we all know that Seller Support is impossible.

“My product has been identified as being Hazmat. What now?”
“I have lost the buy-box, but there is no other seller? Is that even possible?”

We have 24/7 support available by instant messenger. Our president, Lewis, will personally assist with all queries. He obviously won’t know all the answers – but he will know where to find them.

Lewis asked us to write this here: “hahaha, there will be some instances where no one alive will be able to understand why Amazon has done something. At least we have all been there, and I will walk them through possibly some alternatives.”

A-Z and More

We will do all of the above. We basically take you on-board as if you were an extension of our own accounts. You bring the product, and we bring the rest. We manage everything from A to Z, and then more. To date, this has been the most popular option with our clients – as it also ends up being the cheapest.